Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

 Weekends are the best.
Here was my play-by-play:

 Friday Morning found Charlotte and me together in a clean empty house.
It was one of those perfect moments that I look forward too and so enjoy.

Friday afternoon, I went to my children's elementary school where I lead a book club with 
Claire and a few other 5th grade girls.
I took Charlotte with me and a swarm of 10 year old girls attacked baby in her stroller.
A baaaaaby!  They were so excited.  It was the cutest thing I ever did see!

Saturday morning Charlotte and I rolled out of bed as happy as could be.
When Charlotte is in a good mood, we are all in a good mood.

 Saturday afternoon we went to my favorite grocery store and picked out pumpkins!!
Nicholas chose a 47 pound pumpkin with a very impressive stem.  It was awesome.

 Saturday evening, we headed to Sundance and enjoyed the Harvest Market.
It is gorgeous up the canyon.  We wanted to ride the ski lift to check out the 
amazing fall foliage, but I was headed to the 
and didn't want to be late.
The meeting was beautiful and uplifting.  
I am always grateful when I feel inspired with a desire to do 
better and live a happier life full with the Spirit of Jesus Christ 
in my home and my heart. 

Sunday evening Andrew and his wife Meg and children came over.
There is nothing better than a Sunday family get together.

Sunday night I look at my phone to download my pics from the week.
I find this super spooky awesome photo of Oliver.

Happy October.  
Today marks the first day of my favorite month!!!
I hope each day this month brings you nothing but happiness and simple joys.
I know I have two children with birthdays this month and 
my favorite holiday...its going to be a good.