Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend plans:

It is the weekend!!
Mr. Nielson has been at the ranch all week {left on Sunday.}
He became "Mr. Woodcutter Nielson" and chopped down 
more wonderful pinion wood for fire-burning.
(more on that to come...)
I am excited to see him!  I am elated to see him!  I can't wait to see him!
He will be home less than 24 hours before he packs up and takes our
boys and then he becomes Mr. deer-hunter Nielson. 
Except he doesn't actually shoot deer.
{Ollie looks forward to his third deer hunt/camp}

He just takes the boys camping with cousins and uncles.
Ever since I was born, the men in the family hunted.
It is actually a chance to spend time together alone in God's beautiful 
country.  Football games, treats, sleeping in tents, and beautiful hikes.
I am excited for my boys to carry on this tradition.

Clane and I will go to dinner, make Claire's birthday invitations,
maybe make an apple pie or two with our sour green front-yard apples.
And, we will probably get in the hot tub after Lottie is asleep.
 * * * * * *
If you live in Utah,
here are a few items to be sure to put on your family calenders:

The Shops at Riverwoods Pumpkin Parade.

Halloween Life Rides at beautiful Sundance.

 my favorite mother in law!  I love you
* * * * * * 
 Clane's ballet teacher  is nominated for the 
Yahoo woman who shine, check it out:
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