Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Patience all around

I got out of bed stiff.
This was why:

All my boys were in my bed- and Lottie too.
Its hard to get mad and insist 
they go back where they came from.
I know in a few years this scene will all but be gone and my boys 
will be bigger and more independent.

I will enjoy it for now-
for now.

The scar tissue makes it hard for my body to move and twist like it used to.
But after the session when we lay in quiet savasana,
I reflected on how thankful I am for this amazing body of mine.
It does anything I ask of it, and has recovered from so much in the past few years.
Yoga-- any exercise for that matter, requires patience, acceptance and love
of myself wherever I am in my life.
Its a beautiful process.
My mom texted me today and reminded me that 4 years ago I was
STILL in a coma.  Still.  
That is crazy.

* * * * * * **
Tonight is the first Presidential Candidate Debate!  
I am excited...