Monday, October 22, 2012


My weekend brought the traditional "Deer Hunt" 
for some of the menfolk in my family.
Mr. Nielson packed his pack (62 pounds) and off he 
Oliver and Nicholas trotted up the trail.
As the girls and I watched them disappear into the gorgeous yellow aspens,
 I knew it was going to be a long hike.  
I was right.
The hike is normally 4 hours (6 miles) to the traditional deer camp spot.
This spot is the same spot that my father, 
who as a boy went with his father many years ago.

Mr. Nielson told me at one point during the L O N G hike, they decided to take yet another short break and the boys were so tired they fell asleep sitting near the trail.  
He did what any amazing father would do and piled Nicholas on 
TOP of his already 62 pound pack as he dragged himself into camp with 
Ollie half asleep behind him.
{my hero}
This turned into an almost 7 hour hike with a few naps, 
lots of breaks, and lots of tears.
I am grateful for a wonderful husband who continues these traditions with our young boys.
We believe these experiences for our boys teaches hard work, respect for God's beautiful country,  respect for what strong healthy bodies can do if protected and treated right.
We believe it helps them know their limits, 
understand their strength and best of all, prepares them to become men, husbands, and fathers.
I am grateful for strong and healthy boys and a capable husband.  
I am grateful they have these bonding experiences with each other 
and with uncles and cousins.  
These will be valuable memories for the rest of their lives.
While our boys were gone, the girls and I had a wonderful weekend as well.
We engaged in some beautiful conversations.
At one point Jane expressed her gratitude for the temple.
We talked about what makes us truly happy and thankful.
I am proud of my girls.  They are healthy, strong, grateful, helpful, and mine.
 I thank God for all my children and my husband everyday.
 Speaking of men, this is really good.
And for us ladies, watch this its beautiful: