Tuesday, October 09, 2012

My weekend wrap-up

 What a weekend we had!
A wonderful, inspiring, happy, almost perfect weekend!
Here is the low-down:

*Thursday, October 4th 9:00am:
 Mr. Nielson and I take Nicholas and Charlotte to our favorite pediatrician.
Charlotte had her 6 month check-up and Nicholas needed a few warts removed.
{Did you know they removed his warts with real life beetle-juice.  Wowzers}

*Friday, 4:00 pm:
 We meet up with Boss Nielson and Mary for a delicious lunch at Sundance.
{They are in town for the LDS conference.}
The leaves up the canyon are still pretty colorful and the 
weather is breathtaking and borderline chilly- just the way I like it.
{Us after a good meal}
       {Cute Savvy-our fabulous assistant-niece joins us}

*Friday, 6:30 pm:
we put up our "Y" flag to show support to our BYU Cougar football team.

*Friday, 7:00 pm:
Mr. Nielson and I met up with our dear, dear friends: 
Roslyn and Courtney Kinneard.
Roslyn is married to Doug Kinneard who passed away in our airplane crash
on August 16th, 2008.

*Saturday, 9:00 am:
My baby boy Nicholas  turns 6!!!  In celebration, I make crepes with nutella, 
whipped cream, fruit and sprinkles.
I notice he is really excited until I place the plate in front of his face.
He smiles, then excuses himself and falls asleep on the couch.
He has a burning fever the rest of the day.
Since Nicholas was sick on his birthday, 
I promised him another birthday this coming week.

*Saturday, 10:00 am: 
My family watches the 182nd conference of 
{{I re-listen to about two talks every morning when I hike the Y.  
I am always inspired and filled with peace.}}

*Saturday, 6:00 pm:
I am invited to a book singing in Salt Lake City.
I was overwhelmed with all the wonderful people I met that evening.
 {I wear pink lipstick...first time in a long time}

*Sunday, 10:00 am:
Nicholas holds baby Charlotte while we watch the second session of conference, 
and without warning he throws up.
Heaving over and over again Mr. Nielson grabs baby Charlotte and I help Nicholas.
We disinfect, wash, and scrub our couch and his pajamas.
Nicholas sleeps the rest of the day and we watch conference on the floor.
Good times.

**Listen to a few of my favorites talks