Monday, October 08, 2012

Meet the Johnsons

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I had a fabulous weekend!

I will post the highlights from my weekend on tomorrow's blog, 
because today I wanted to write about my 
Wes and Lyndsay moved to Heber, Utah from California in August.
I am so glad they are here!
Wes and Mr. Nielson have been friends since high school.
Lyndsay, Wes' wife,  is the brains behind the design and awesome monthly banners 
on my blog and whenever I have a technical question, I ask her.

 Wes, is a artistic genius.
He is a filmmaker, {commercials, music videos, docs, features}
and an amazing photographer as well.
Wes has a thing for Denmark and can speak Danish fluently.
This is why Mr. Nielson worships Wes.
For my birthday last June I got a special phone call from Wes and he sang
me a traditional birthday song in Danish.
{A highlight of the day.  I still have it on my phone}
 {Here is Wes on Mt. Timpanogos here in Utah}
Wes was the photographer Christian's brother Stephen's wedding 
back in December '07.
Wes and Mr. Nielson are working on something super special 
which will be unveiled early next year.
I will be blogging about that collaboration as soon as I can.
 I am really excited about it.

Last Month, Wes and Mr. Nielson hiked up Mt. Timpanogos here in Utah.
Its a pretty challenging hike, but breathtaking.
Check out Wes' site to accommodate your needs!

Utah is a lucky state to have this man.
But Wes will come to your state to show off his skills too.

As Wes would say: Tusind Tas!!