Monday, October 15, 2012

Homecoming weekend

How was your weekend?
My weekend was great.  It was stormy and rainy and 
it even snowed on the tips of the mountains.
It's coming- cold, cold weather.  I am excited!!

It was BYU's homecoming week and on Saturday we watched the 
wonderful little parade that runs near our home.
This is one of our favorite traditions-
{Me and Lottie, cute Phoebe and Harriet}

{Do you spot Jane?  How about cousins Katie and Jayne? Do you see Jed Wells
What about cute pregnant Lindsay?}
{Lottie snoozing in the bucket bike}
{Hey, don't forget the Madsen Bike Rally on Saturday, October 27th...are you
interested in being a sponsor?  e-mail me at}