Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy HalloweeNie!

 Happy Halloween from me-with eyebrows.  And a mustache.
I hope today is spooky and cozy for you.
This morning, I plan on helping out in Claire's class for her
 Halloween party, attend the traditional elementary school costume parade. 
After school we will carve pumpkins, and I will make 
homemade soup served in pumpkin bread bowls
 with a fire in the fireplace...of course.
After tick-or-treating, and the children are asleep,
Mr. Nielson promised me we could watch a scary movie together.
He suggested a few that I hadn't heard of.
From 1-10, it has to be about a 5.  6 MAX.
And no gore.
I'll let you know what we came up with.
I personally love THIS one, but we have already watched it a thousand times.

Can't wait to post about costumes on tomorrow's blog.
  Halloween's past.....

2010 and 2011- photos by Justin Hackworth