Thursday, October 11, 2012


It is fall break here at my house.  Yay!!!
For us, since we didn't plan on going anywhere we decided that 
it would be movie night every night, dinner in the living room- on the floor even.
Uno games, bike rides, homecoming activities (for BYU), making treats, late nights, 
hot tubing, Provo Beach Resort, making Halloween decorations, etc, etc...
Today, I snapped a few photos of my two sweethearts who are home with me 
while the older children are at school.
Sweet Lottie is not feeling super hot.  
I think our family has a little sick bug. Blech! 
I feel so grateful.
As I made dinner tonight I had a full heart. 
Being a mother and wife is my greatest calling and joy.
I feel so much satisfaction in my life. 
All the bumps, the ups and downs, disappointments, successes, pain,
and joy has molded me into a woman who I want to be- and continue to try to be.
Each day I try and learn with humility and peace.

Tonight I sat and watched my children eat. 
They were happy and their tummy's were full of good nutritious food. 
They bring unexplainable joy in my life.
This is what true happiness is to me.
This is why after my accident I fought so hard to live,
this is why I choose happiness everyday.