Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fight in progress

We have a few arguments here in our humble abode, but here is the latest:
Mr. Nielson brought home a horny toad from the ranch a few weeks ago.
This sweet toad {who we call Gerald} 
has been the talk of the Nielson home since.
 He has caused a few fights as well.
Everyone wants to hold him and put him on their chest.
I was downloading my camera and found these awesome photos of a fight in progress.
Then I found this sweet photo of Oliver.
I have no words.  
That pig nose he is wearing is from his last dentist adventure -5 teeth pulled.
That pig nose (which smells like bubble gum) is hooked to my yoga ball 
pump cord and attached to his backpack.
{Thanks Jane, for capturing all this goodness!!}