Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Claire's paperdolls

Claire has a very creative little mind.
Her favorite story that I tell her about herself is when she was 
just fifteen months old.
 I would put her down for a nap in her crib.  
Along with her bottle, binkie, and blanket, I would stack books in the corner of her crib.
When Claire's nap was over she would sit up and read those 
books sucking her binkie furiously for another 45 minutes at least.
Last weekend, during conference she created her own little paper doll collection.
She named it and set up shop on the cushion-less couch (remember this?)
She created for me my own personalized paper doll with shopping bag
and provided a dressing room too.
 I went shopping, tried on clothes (some she created and some stock) 
and filled my bag with some very cute items and accessories for my paper doll.
{Thanks to Lily and Thistle for getting her started.}

 Welcome to:
 "Doll Cuts" 
by J.Doll and Jonnie D. aka: Claire Elizabeth Nielson
After I purchased my items she said to me:
" I'll just wrap those up for you Mrs. Nielson"
{I love when she calls me Mrs. Nielson.}
Then I was given a shopping bag with red twine handles.
She also used a bobbi pin as a hanger for a saran wrap garment cover.
I think someone wants to work at Anthropologie when she is old enough.