Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Day #1 of weekend I:

*Jump on the trampoline and practice my mad cheerleading skills.

*Mr. Nielson unloads the luscious smelling ceder, juniper, and Pinon
wood he chopped down at the ranch last week.
*Mr. Nielson mugs on his little boys.

Day #2 of the weekend I:

*Attend the 2nd soccer game of the day, and take photos of Nicholas
because he is just too cute.

*I get to hold and mug on my cousin's newest beautiful addition
baby Stephanie.

Day #3 of the weekend I:

*Reunite with my dear friend Jordan.
I haven't seen Jordan since a few months before my accident
in August of 2008- its been too long.
We discover that we share the same jacket.
Great minds think alike I suppose.

*We receive some darling vintage crafts in the mail from
French General.
Clane is in heaven.

*Claire teaches Lottie how to tickle the ivories.

And, I take a photo of Lottie in her new bonnet.

It's a new week...
There is always something to look forward to in a new week.
Always something to be excited about.
I am excited about autumn afternoons and the upcoming
Saturday BYU football game. (against the Utes-no less)

Mr. Nielson told me his plans to have personal outings
with each of the children this week too.
I am so grateful for a husband who is serious about nurturing
and loving his children and his role as father.
He is a pretty amazing man.
(He better squeeze in a date for his wife too!)

I also bought the Mormon Message DVD and LOVE it.
My families story is featured in it and I cry every time I see it.

**FYI, the 3rd annual Madsen Bike Rally is coming next month!!!**
If you are interested in being a sponsor e-mail me