Friday, September 14, 2012

Weekend plans- Sundance!!

This was on Oliver and Nicholas' door when I went down to wake
them up for school this morning. It says:
"No girls allowed, except my Mom"
I LOVE that!!!! I get to be that Mom! How darling is that!
I especially love the skull and crossbones.

Happy weekend to you!
This weekend I will be speaking at the Sundance Authors Series.
I am so honored and excited.
{Have you ever had a 7-layer bar from the Sundance deli...holy smokes}

I will also be sewing a awesome "Y" flag to put on my porch
because BYU plays the Utes...our rivals.
It will be a great game! can't wait.

And, since the sewing machine is out, I will sew the pretty pink ribbons
on Claire's new pointe ballet slippers...{good luck to me}

I read this article today and cried. It just got my heart.
In a small way, I feel this woman's pain.
I am proud of her and hope to gain a similar attitude.
The human spirit is pretty AMAZING!

Love to you all

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