Thursday, September 20, 2012

We work like that.

** ** ** ** **
This morning, Charlotte and I waited on the porch in
the autumn sun until it was noon.
Noon is when we pick up Nicholas from school.
I love picking him up!
He is always so excited to see me.
I am so excited to see him!!

Then he came home and collected 4 ants from the front porch 
and put them in a balloon and asked me to blow it up.
Now I have 3 balloons in my living room with a family of ants living in them.
{definitely deceased ants now}.
Along with the ants is a wasp he caught today at Lucy's house 
{also dead}.
Mr. Nielson went to Costco today and brought me home some beautiful orange roses.
So, I made Mr. Nielson some delicious minestrone soup for dinner.
We work like that.