Thursday, September 06, 2012

Today was like....

{Lottie and I smooch for Thursdays!)

Mr. Nielson left to the ranch to act like a mountain man and
cut some firewood for the upcoming winter season.
I love that he works hard and uses his manly muscles to provide for our family.

After school gets out, my day goes by so fast.
Soccer practices, soccer games, ballet, and church activities take up
the afternoons well into the evening.
However, yesterday the children and I visited our favorite
toy store-Blickenstaffs because Ollie had $15.00
from summer jobs and tooth fairy visits.
He picked out a lego set.
Nicholas who didn't have any money
(because he never helps out around the house nor has he lost any teeth)
really wanted a gorilla.
Clane had their eyes set on some crazy play-dough type stuff.
I told them when they have money we will come back.
I did buy them all a little sack of candy and we moved on.
Next stop was Cafe Rio.
My kids are sick of Cafe Rio, I am not.
I REALLY wish Provo would have a Chipotle,
because I really consider myself a "chipie" fan most of all.
I wish Provo would have a Trader Joes too- {that's for another blog post.}
I miss Mr. Nielson. Sleeping alone is the worst, and last night
I made the mistake of laying Charlotte on my bed naked,
of course she pooped all over and I was doing wash until 1:00 am.
Good times.

{Happy Birthday to my sweet sister Page}