Monday, September 03, 2012

St. Louis follow-up

{Lottie's 24th flight of her life}

I am back from our travels to Florida and St. Louis.
It is so good to be home.
The children were in good care with Lindsay and Aunt Katy-
who also took Nicholas to his first day at Kindergarten!
I can't believe I missed his first day of school.

{Missouri Baking Co., Mr. Nielson and Mom}

We visited the Pres and Mom in St. Louis.
It was a short little trip.
I love my parents so much. They are working hard and love the missionaries
with all their hearts. It's inspiring. I miss them, and LOVED talking about
the plans we will do when they return.
{ You can contact the missionaries
if you are interested in learning more here}

{The Prez and Lottie}

My dad (the pres) really wanted to take Mr. Nielson to a little
Indian food joint, we went and enjoyed.
Indian food will now always remind me of my Dad.


{My view somewhere in Colorado}