Friday, September 07, 2012

No big whopp

{The children with Mr. and Mrs Ryan Simmons in NYC-
this photo has nothing to do with my bog post...awesome}

Last weekend I found Oliver's whopee cushion under his bed.
I forgot how much I love that thing.
It never EVER gets old.
Farts and funny... period.
I decided to put the whopee cushion in the hallway on the floor.
I gave strict instructions to my children that they
were not allowed to pick up the whopee cushion- EVER.
Then I further instructed that every time they used that hallway they had
to stomp on the cushion while passing by.
It is so funny, and has proven to be a wonderful stress relief for our family.

When Clane begins to fight, I step on whopee.
When Nicholas stubs his toe and becomes inconsolable I step on whoopee
When Mr. Nielson has been on the phone for too long, I step on whopee.
Sometimes when Charlotte is crying,
I make Oliver step on it over and over again until she calms down.

Try it.
Sadly, we used it so much it popped.
Maybe I'll find one this weekend.

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