Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mr. Bones

Last week Mr. Nielson and I went to our storage unit to get our Halloween decorations.
Mr. Nielson put them in the garage until I had time to decorate the house.
Today I finally lugged them up the stairs.
Baby Charlotte was cooing on the floor while Nicholas watched 
with his big brown eyes as I unloaded the boxes.  
He was especially excited when I pulled out our skeleton collection.
I tried getting the house all decorated so when the other children 
came home from school they would be thrilled to see 
the house so transformed and spooky.
I will admit, when I packed away the decorations last year, I was deathly sick- pregnant with Charlotte.  The smells reminded me of those horrible nauseated days and I felt that familiar feeling again.  I feel so weird sometimes.
{Nicholas and his new best friend "Mr. Bones"}
Jane had drawn up this huge plan to attach a life-size 
skeleton on our tree swing out back.
Genius idea.
Today after school (...and day after day of Jane begging) we put him up.
The best part about him, he glows in the dark. 
 Its spooky and alien-ish.
In fact, as I sit and type this I am scared to look out my window.  
He is so creepy.
I asked Ollie to entertain Lottie as I hooked up Mr. Bones to our swing.
Jane and cousin Harriet stood back and watched as I carefully attached his
bones to the rope and added black and orange ribbons.
 Jane was pleased.....

Oh, OK...

This is Mr. Bones at night.
{I did it, I took a picture of him out my window.}

I love Halloween.