Monday, September 17, 2012

May, June, July, August, and Septemeber

{Me speaking at the Sundance Author Series last weekend}

I was honored to speak at the Sundance Authors Series.
This was an incredible experience for me.
We met in the beautiful Tree Room where I spoke about the challenges
and delights in writing my book
Heaven in Here.

I met so many wonderful people- it was a thrill and an honor...a true honor.
I was also informed that I was the first author from Utah County
(where Sundance is located) to be a guest speaker., little ol me!!!

I asked Mr. Nielson to send me the photos he took of me speaking.
He sent them to me, but he also sent me
a bunch of other photos as well.
Photos of our incredible summer.
Man, we had a great summer.

Behold, some of my favorites:

In May, we took the children to NYC
Nicholas and I share a moment waiting for the subway on 66th street.

* * *
In June, Mr. Nielson were on the road a lot for the book tour.
We asked my brother Matt and his wife Katy {and children}
to be our babysitters on more than one occasion.
Here is Matt with Lottie after a long day.
I love brothers!

* * *
In July, Mr. Nielson, Charlotte and I travel to Vail for a speaking engagement.

* * *
August brought us to the beautiful wide-open spaces of New Mexico
and the family ranch

* * *
In September, we met with the amazing Jeffery R. Holland.
{I share some of my amazing experiences with him in my book}
I have been so so so lucky to meet with him every year since my accident-
He uplifts me, enlightens me, makes me laugh and helps me know how much
God loves me.
My visits to see this man have been my favorite visits than with any of the
celebrities or famous people I have been honored to meet.
I love him so much.
{plus he mugged on Charlotte and commented
how they have the same cheeks...
Read one of my favorite talks by Elder Holland HERE

* * * * * * * * * *
If you want to read my favorite book, my offer still stands!
I would love to send you a Book of Mormon for strings attached!
Go here for more information.

Really excited about this!