Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunch with Nicholas

Nicholas and I went to the grocery store together with Charlotte too.
Nicholas wanted "sooshee" for lunch- the kind with crab and avocado.
My favorite grocery store has sushi, so this was perfect.
After his sushi, Nicholas had a chocolate doughnut bar with sprinkles.
He only ate two bites, and then I finished it off.

When I drove into the parking lot, we pulled up
next to another car with a little boy inside.
The little boy gasped then pointed at me saying:
"ewwww, look at her"
over and over again.
It hurt.
Sometimes I forget I look the way I do.
Sometimes I forget what the big deal is.
{I think that's a good thing.}

Nicholas held my hand proudly and
told me that he thought I was a pretty mommy.
I love him and feel most confidant around my children.

This was a good time to talk to him about people.
Everyone is different and beautiful and we just love.
I teach them that we may not accept behaviors, but we can certainly
love-even and especially if people look different.

I felt better.
I feel God's love for me daily and that is why I keep going.

* * * * * * * *

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