Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chalk the Block- Nielson style.

Last weekend my family participated in 
"Chalk the Block" at the shops at Riverwoods.  

There was lots of very impressive art.  
We were definitely amateurs- in the worst way.
In fact some kid walked past as we were finishing up and said:
"Oh come ON, I could totally do that one"

 {Check out Oliver's awesome army man behind him}
 We wrote our family theme on the top of our space.
"Remove your fear with faith and trust in the Power of God to guide you."
Oh ya, I had to wash these puppies a few times for the chalk to come out.

Mr. Nielson takes a break with Nicholas as Jane, Claire and I begin the creation.

The finished product

* * * * * * * * * *
Thanks Sheri, for inviting us!  It was a wonderful evening!!
{Remember Sheri? She invited us to her wonderful store-also at the Riverwoods-
 Zion's Mercantile.}