Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend wrap-up August 17-19

This weekend was amazing and here is why:
Mr. Nielson and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary of the crash:

{This is the only picture I have of us on our 4 year anniversary date}

{Lottie, Mr. Nielson and I have dinner in Park City}

The leaves on the mountains are changing (YAY!)

Oliver begins fall soccer:

{Ollie is the one in green socks}

My aunt Janie meets her dear great-niece for the first time:

{Lottie and cute Aunt Janie}

I take a really awesome picture of my toes:

Clane hides sister among their dollies:

The Sweet Tooth Fairy hold the 3rd annual fundraiser for the burn center:
(I steal an apron)

Charlotte is the most beautiful baby alive:

Claire braids my hair:

{Claire's braid creation}

We celebrate back to school (more on this in a later post):

{Back to school crowns}