Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican Convention day 3- last day

Our journey here is over.
What a success.
Last night was my favorite of the whole week.
Mitt was amazing.
The evening was dedicated in showing the world what a wonderful,
selfless man Mitt has been his whole life.
I was so honored to be a guest with Mr. Nielson and Lottie in the box.
What a treat.

{Lottie experiencing history in the making}

I appreciate and love how Mitt honors Ann as his companion.
He spoke so highly of her and her job and role as Mother of the family.

{Mitt and Clint...classic.}

{Mary, is that you in the jumbo tron?}

What a wonderful week we've had.
I have witnessed history and enjoyed it all the way.
I love Mitt.
He is a man of integrity and has honest concern for our country.
I am honored to know him.

{Lottie LOVED when the ginormous nets of balloons and bunches of
glitter and streamers fell from the ceiling.
Ok, actually I was so excited}

Watch this, I cried and so did Mr.