Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Ranch Horses and more storms

Today was spent hanging out on the cool grass or
the porch swings or on the back of a horse.

Mr.Nielson mugs on Charlotte on the ranch lawn.

The family kicking it on the front porch swing...
{check out my awesome boot socks}

Mr. Nielson holding Margot.
{She is Jane reincarnate about 5 years ago-but with red hair}

Look Ma, Clane rides a horse!!

With my limited hand use I wasn't able to ride my own horse
very comfortably.
I just hopped on with Mr. Nielson and held on tight to him.
It was just as fun-if not more fun, than ridding my own pony.

Claire reminded me of myself at that age.
I loved horses too- but what little girl doesn't?

Cowboy Mr. Nielson

Mr. Nielson and Claire trot around the ranch house.

Ashley rides with a smile on her face.

And then the afternoon storm...

Cousin Cal points to the lightning in the distance and the rain begins

Our afternoon outside ended very abruptly after a lightning bolt hit about 10 feet
from where we were all sitting.
It was then followed by very loud thunder that caused short-term hearing.
We all went inside.
It was cozy in the ranch house too- besides, it was time for supper!

I have been enjoying the Olympics!!
My children and I really enjoyed this...