Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy 4 years to us!!

It's been four years since the accident.
Time is amazing;
it is horrible and wonderful all at the same time.
It goes by so slow but before you know it things start to change.
In a very good way.
Soon enough, time takes away some of the pain and
dulls the horrible sad memories.


Look how time has changed my family.
With time came lots of prayers, faith, love, and hope.
I know that God is in charge.
He has healed my pain and scars.


He brought into my life wonderful people like doctors,
nurses, health care providers, strangers,
friends, family, children, and an amazing husband who
cheered me and my family all along the way.


Don't ever give up. Don't ever quit.
Keep going and remember that time heals
and God is in charge and all knowing.

Here's to four more years!


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My love and heartfelt thoughts go out to the Kinneard family!!
We love you guys soooo much!