Monday, August 27, 2012

End of summer project with the children.

For our last summer project with the children,
we decided to make cute glass animal jars.
Each child picked an animal and color:

Claire picked out a blue bear.
Jane picked out a turquoise giraffe.
Oliver picked out an army green hippo.
Nicholas picked out a yellow gorilla
I picked out the camel, ox, and horse in hot pink, red and orange
for Mr. Nielson, Charlotte and me.

I glued the animal onto the lids and the children
helped me spray paint the color on their animal.

They filled them with crayons, markers, legos, and treasures;
including a few snails that were caught from the front yard.
I wont let me them take the lids off because it smells retched.

Sister Lucy joined me and happily pointed out spots on the animals
that needed a more than 3 coats of paint.
Thanks Lucy!

Now that school has started, I am sad.
I miss having my children around all the time.
I had parent-teacher meetings all last week and feel very
confident with each of my children's teachers.
They are so loving, warm, and will build confidence in learning
within each one of them.
I am so grateful.

Are you ready for a new week??