Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics in my backyard

When I was a 11 years old, I was memorized by the 1992 Summer Olympics
which were in Barcelona, Spain.
My mom bought the Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe
album that was dedicated to the Barcelona Olympic games.
We listened to it every morning all summer long.

The Clark cousins got together and we put on our own Olympics.
In my backyard, our trampoline lay under a large maple tree
with long out-stretched limbs perfect for the bar routines.

The tramp was also perfect for the gymnastics routines and wrestling.
Grandma Marion who lived 3 houses down had a pool in her backyard
for the relay games and diving competitions.
We also made fabric metals, and I still have mine somewhere in my
scrap book.
I was thrilled when my children became just as
dazzled with the games this year as I was twenty years ago at their age.

They each picked a country.
Jane: Russia
Claire: China
Lydia: USA

Matthew: Great Britain
Jesse: Jamaica
Max: Granada
Nicholas: not interested
Oliver: USA

Mr. Nielson's saw horses made a perfect balance beam.

I am so proud of my beautiful country and the athletes
of the world for such amazing games!
Thank you for inspiring my children and me with your talents and
dedication. Can't wait for the Winter Olympics in Russia 2014!

I'm really going to miss Bob Costa's voice in my living room each evening.

{and his Harry Potter glasses)