Monday, July 02, 2012

Weekend wrap-up, awards and such

The Joneson's arrived from Arizona.
We are united at last.
Mr. Nielson and I took them to Mountain West Burrito.
It's always a risk taking "Zonies" to a Mexican joint
since authentic and good Mexican food is right in their backyard.
But, they seemed impressed (as I am)
I'm taking that as a good sign for the rest of the weekend.
(thank you MWB}
We packed up the AuroraMark sailboat and headed near Park City
to take the children boating, stay the night, and make sure Lottie and baby R
fall in love. So far it's been a success.

Saturday night we attended the Freedom Festival Gala.
This event is where we celebrate and
honor a handful of men and women who show
extraordinary devotion of hope, freedom and courage.
I am always taken back to hear amazing stories from these brave souls.

I was given a wonderful spot to sit and enjoy the evening with
Mr. Nielson, my brother Jesse and his wife Lindsay.
Lottie came too- of course Lottie came!

{Lindsay gives the thumbs up on the evening, and Lottie ready to let me show her off}

Yesterday evening I was honored at the Patriotic Fireside.
It was amazing. In my short remarks I noted how almost all my life
I had attended this uplifting event, and how I felt so overwhelmed that I given
this award. It truly was so thrilling.
I had almost all my brothers and sisters there supporting me.
Sweet Mr. Nielson sat next to me and held my hand.

Thank you Freedom Festival committee for honoring me. This means a lot.

Hey you! Next year if you really want to celebrate the 4th of July,
come to Provo...really, you wont regret it!
This next week will be packed.
We have some event or fun Patriotic activity coming up.

Tears welled up in my eyes a few times this past week as I
reflect on the freedoms I enjoy being a citizen of this amazing country.
I am a blessed American.
I feel privileged to be a mother and woman in the USA.
Happy Birthday you United States of America you!

***I am praying for those effected by the massive fires here in the west, particularly
in my state of Utah.

Would you keep them in your thoughts and prayers too?***