Monday, July 30, 2012

Vail post.

Mr. Nielson, Charlotte and I stayed in Vail, Colorado for a few days.
I was given the opportunity to speak and share my thoughts
to a wonderful group of men and women.
I think {and hope} it went well, and was uplifting.

Vail is such a charming place.
It rained the first evening.
It was so beautiful. Oh, my goodness soooo beautiful.

Remember Burt Bacharach??
He was the entertainment for the evening.
He was amazing and 84 years old. It was very impressive!

Now we are headed to Bluewater, New Mexico for the Nielson family reunion.
It will be a good time and I am looking forward to slowing down
and spending time with family.

I am also going to try and shoot my gun again.
I haven't touched it since the accident. It's been too tricky with
my awesome burned hands and fingers.
Mr. Nielson found me a new gun that my hands will be able to handle better.
We will see.


Cowboy love-birds.