Thursday, July 19, 2012

Love letter to Mr. Nielson #2

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Hi sweetheart. I miss you! I miss you so much.
Today I woke up- but not alone, of course Lottie was sharing our bed.
She is such a sweetie and I know she misses you just like her mother.

I turned the self clean button on the oven and our house smelled horrible and smoky
all morning, so I packed up the car and drove to Page's cabin with the children.
They had so much fun playing in the stream and got really dirty and wet.
The girls dressed up as pioneers and were "lost and lonely" caring for Dixie's (Page's dog)
puppies- who are beginning to open their eyes now. They remind me of Lottie, so helpless
and small.

I came home to nurse and unload some packages and on our
porch chair I saw two yellow notes.
Those yellow notes were from YOU! I couldn't believe it!
I felt like I did twelve years ago when I'd see your name
on caller ID- {remember caller ID?}

I felt all giddy and couldn't wait to sit down and read them. I had butterflies.
I devoured each word and read them over and over.
They were romantic and charming and I was crying at the end.

{This is you- at our spot. I adore you}

Remember when Jane heated up tortillas on Sunday to make burritos?
Remember when one of the tortillas bubbled up and looked liked an alien was burned in it.
She saved it. It is on the kitchen counter for all to see.
I am sure it will still be on the counter when you get home.

I love you so much.
Now I am going to bed- with your letters in hand.
I will read and re-read them until I fall fast asleep.

P.S. Blue Lily sent me our photos we took a few weeks ago in the orchard.
They are absolutely amazing.

-Love, your wifey

{Remember that red streak in my hair...weird}