Friday, July 20, 2012

Love letter to Mr. Nielson #3

Hi Darling,

Today was another long day without you.
Lucy and her children came up for lunch.
We ate leftovers and the neighbors brought us fresh cherries from their farm.

Then Meg stopped by with her children and all of a sudden
our living room was crazy with all these cute children dancing
to Newsies. Our girls are still so obsessed with that movie.
It's pretty cute. Reminds me of me when I was that age.

{Lottie by Blue Lily}
After, Meg took all the children to her house and Lucy left because
it was nap time. I was alone with Lottie.
I went into our room and lay on our bed and nursed her in the quite afternoon.
I looked at her beautiful, clear, creamy skin and was overcome.
I couldn't believe she was mine.
In contrast to her flawless skin, my arms which held her
were discolored, bumpy, and scarred.
I have expressed that before to you- probably a million times
but I just can't believe it.
I felt very emotional and yet so grateful.
Will she love me just the same forever and always?
When will she recognize that I don't look like the other mothers?
It doesn't matter, what matters is that God gave her to me-to us- to
raise and teach. I intend on doing just that no matter what I look like.

It is so amazing to me that after having such a horrible accident
we have just picked right up where we left off- mostly anyway.

{Me and Justin Hackworth}
Our accident has made me more aware and more present.
And I am grateful for that.
I have always loved you so deeply, and our love is deeper than deep.
It is eternity.
I'll see you tomorrow!!
I am over the moon excited!

Love you-