Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love Photography

I am in love with this photo.
If you are looking for a photographer,
one of my favorites Blue Lily might be in your hood:

July 28th Japser National Park
August 2-6th Calgary, Alberta
August 11th Missoula, MT
August 27-18th Denver, CO
August 31st St. Louis, MO
Sept 6-9th Chicago, IL
Sept 11-13th Detroit, MI
Sept 14-15th Ohio Cities
Sept 18-19th Philadelphia, PA
Sept 20th- Oct 7th Boston, MA
October 11-14th NYC
October 18-28th Washington DC
October 30th Richmond, VA
November 3: Atlanta GA
November 4th: Knoxville, TN
November 8-10th Texas cities
November 13-20th Phoenix
December 1-2nd Hawaii

{Wendy and Tyler yo}

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