Monday, July 09, 2012

4th of July week-sailing

{Linds and I did a lot of nursing and shielding the babies from the sun...
check out the huge fire in the background}

Wow, what a week I had!
I have enjoyed a week of color, freedom, happiness, exhaustion,
family, my children, friends, sailing, fireworks,
parade, and food...good food.

We reunited our little families and were the "Jonesons" again.
{In fact, I think Spencer in a heart-felt prayer over dinner asked
that the Jonesons be safe...its a done deal, we will forever be the Jonesons}

Nielson family + Jones family = Jonesons.

Enjoy the next week on my blog as I post about my 4th of July week:

{Lindsday and Spencer}

{Lottie and baby R snooze on the boat}

We sailed in Rockport reservoir (near Park City)
and of course our favorite Utah Lake.
The children went swimming in the cold water, Lindsay and I chatted and nursed
while discussing spiritual things.
Mr. Nielson and Spencer supervised the other little monkeys.

{The view from the lake; one of Utah's many wildfires this summer}

{Couples in love}

Day two tomorrow...

PS...thank you to everyone who has read or reading my book.
Your kind and genuine words mean so much to me.