Friday, July 13, 2012

4th of July week-Parade

{most photos by Justin Hackworth}

I was asked to be the Grand Marshall at the 2012 Provo Grand Parade.
My children were so excited! I asked them each to tell me the one person
they hoped to see while being paraded around.
They all picked a friend, cousin, or teacher.
Claire chose her favorite teacher Mrs. T...sadly we never saw her.
But don't worry, we will be back to school in no time- (blahhh)

Charlotte was a complete angel, and if she wasn't sleeping, she was
wide awake looking around and listening to the crowds.

Many times I looked around at all the support and cheers of love from
others at the parade with tears.
I was so overwhelmed with goodness and kindness. Thank you.
There were a few stinkers too- those who covered their eyes as I went by
a few peeps yelling kind of mean things as we drove past-
It was overall, a wonderful experience...
{Except for one tiny thing, the parade people spelled my name wrong-
but that is OK. I spelled Nielson wrong for the first 2 months of my marriage}

Thank you Provo for this amazing opportunity.
I am a blessed woman and so honored to share my family with you all
at the 2012 Provo Grand Parade!