Wednesday, July 11, 2012

4th of July week-outings/reviews

The Jonesons went to our local outdoor shopping area for some
indoor fun. We went to The Riverwoods which is located near the mouth of
the Provo canyon.

Our first stop was Provo Beach Resort.
With the large ropes course, bowling (mini bowling too), ginormous
playground with 5 levels {where I sat and nursed Lottie and
never saw the children once during that time.}

{Here the children and their fathers on the ropes course. By the way, it is 32 feet
off the ground. I am shocked Nicholas even tried it.}

Perhaps the flowrider is the most popular with 30, 000 gallons of water,
you pretend you are in a beach surfing- we have yet to try it. Next time.
Mr. Nielson spent a good 45 minutes with the golf stimulator and enjoyed it immensely.
He told me he'd come with the children and play golf anytime...It's a deal Mr. Nielson!

{Do you love taking photos of people eating food like this?}

Oh, and a billion games on the main level. The children were in heaven.
I loved the "ticketless" system they have going on there.
The tickets are digital and automatically
loaded onto a beach card. Tickets can't get lost and the children
feel pretty grown-up with their own "credit card".
Of course PBR has the Pier Cafe and Ike's ice cream (cake batter...yum!)

But perhaps the favorite was the cotton candy machine.
Nicholas spent his whole $15.00 "credit card" treating everyone.
See for yourself below, I took a quality video:

{Nicholas shows me how it's done}

Next we headed to our favorite toy store in Utah- Blickenstaffs.
The boys spent a good 30 minutes getting all the toys out.

{like this}
Jane rolled around on a little scooter thing with a mad hatter hat on,
and Claire looked at books and paper dolls.

I took pictures of awesome things in the store and Mr. Nielson and Spencer
found the perfect beverage from the vintage classic cooler.
{check out Blicks Blog here}

Lastly, our journey ended at Zions Mercantile where Sheri, the proud owner
gave us our own personal tour with amazing stories along the way.
She let the boys hold replica guns and knives and we ate
kind of gross pioneer candy.

She also gave me a very special gift- this painting beautifully framed
by Mormon artist Sandra B. Rast.
I was speechless and so touched.
Then we tired on about 20 different girl pioneer hats on Lottie.

Zion's Mercantile has other amazing artifacts, unique gifts,
cookbooks, and other historical stuff that my father in law, Boss would love.

{My boys enjoy doing this, above}

The Shop's at Riverwoods also has a new splash-pad...a very good idea for a very hot summer day with very bored children. Also very convenient Ike's ice cream nearby.
Other great stores:
Soel Boutique- darling clothing for children and women.
I got my favorite pair of red jeans (above) there.
Shelby, who is the owner was my pal in high school. I am proud to know her.
La Jolla Groves Marketplace...good bread and jam.