Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today in St. Louis...

Here is what the we (the Prez, Mom...Lottie too} did today:
We drove across the huge Missouri river {above}.

Visited Daniel Boone's burial site

(Or not-rumor has it he is really buried in Kentucky)
Saw a quaint downtown area,

visited Anthropologie

{Mom picking out some new Pj's}

{Owls always remind me of my Papa and Nana}
And I spotted a pretty dang cute cookie jar owl

Oh, and changed Lottie's pants in the back of
the car.

I am leaving this wonderful place today.
I will miss my parents- saying goodbye is horrible and I hate doing it.
But, I will be back St. Louis...don't you worry.

Hey Mr. Nielson, I'll see you today!!
Can't wait to mug on you and the children!!

GBTV clip here.