Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thanks for having me....

{Photo by BlueLilly Photography. Photo taken somewhere on a mountain
near Sundance Resort- sans Lottie. To watch a fun behind the
scene video about this shoot go here. }

Today I was born 31 years ago.
Thanks Mom and Dad for bringing me into the world.
Without you I wouldn't have such an amazing family.
Without you I wouldn't have met such an amazing man.
And, without you there would be no
Claire, Jane, Oliver, Nicholas and Charlotte.

I am so blessed.

* * * * *

Do you have your tickets for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
playing up at Sundance yet?
My brother directed it. I am so excited to see it!
Your awesome Topher!

* * * * *

Also, only a few tickets left for my session at the
Sundance Author Series
I am a featured author this year, and so honored!
It will be a beautiful experience for all involved!
Go here for more information.