Monday, June 11, 2012

St. Louis whereabouts

{Me, Mommy, and Lottie...CK and Anson in the back}

I am in St. Louis with the Prez and Mom.
Lottie and I are having such a wonderful time-
except for the time when I lost my wallet for a whole 2 days.
It was always on my mind, even after I promised myself I
wouldn't care about it. I didn't want it to ruin my trip.
But it was.
I prayed a lot.
Then one morning I put Charlotte in the stroller to go for a walk and wala!
There is was, in the corner of the stroller.
I prayer a lot- this time in gratitude.

Cjane and her fam were also visiting (they left last Friday).
It was fun hanging out with them.

{Umi and Lottie....Sisters!}

We visited the Missouri Botanical Gardens Lantern festival.
Beautiful and so inspiring.

{Court and Ever Jane, CK...aka big guy with Lottie}

We also ate at Pappy's.
Pappy's is a meat-eaters delight.
I had some beans and applesauce.

We also visited Ted Drews frozen custard.
I really enjoyed that joint.
Hello Oreo ice cream {or custard}

I just miss Mr. Nielson. I miss the other children of course too but being with my parents
is so wonderful. They baby me and laugh at all my jokes and stories.
I sure feel good with them around.
They also dote on Lottie like they have never ever seen as
beautiful of a baby before.
My Dad insists on pushing Lottie's stroller or carrying her seat wherever we go.

And the fireflies, oh the darling little things.
Reminds me of my days in New magical.

Today Mom and I are going to Anthropologie.
I am in need of a pretty robe.
Now that I found my wallet, I may get a sweater too.

Life is so good.
I am so happy.
I am a blessed lady.

{Umi, Lottie, and the Prez not drinking a beer}