Friday, June 29, 2012

Maybe next time?

Today I spent the day working around the house with the children.
Lottie was a sweetheart and I got a lot done while she kicked around on a blanket.
I would pick her up (and the blanket) and carry her from room to room,
stopping only to nurse and change her little pants.

I really want to tell you about my birthday and how perfect it was.
I thought I would do it in this post but my dear friends the Jones' came up
to spend the 4th of July holiday with us, and I need to go to bed (since I blog at night).
Tomorrow we will spend a few days with them in Park City.
I am so excited.

Monday maybe?

I really want to tell you about my riding lesson,
sailing with Lottie and Mr. Nielson,
lunch at one of my favorite restaurants,
the birthday posters from my children,
the gifts from Clane (homemade butter),
letting balloons go with Lucy and her family,
chocolate cake-- just to name a few.

Happy weekend!

Spiritual Enlightenment HERE

Happy birthday Godmother Reachel and Andrew Beesley!!!
Love you both so much