Wednesday, June 13, 2012


{Mr. Nielson reunited with his girls; me and Lottie}

I have reunited with the the Little Nies and my Mr. Nielson.
The children were shocked to see sister Lottie. They couldn't believe how big she was.
Nicholas told me that he thinks her head is much to big for her body.

It was sad saying my goodbyes to the Prez and my Mom.
I hate doing that.
I love to be my Mom's little girl again, and this trip I certainly got that treatment.

As I sat on my 3 1/2 hour flight from St. Louis to Los Angeles,
I kept thinking how I was excited to kneel down and hug my children.
No waist hugs, I wanted to look in their eyes and
hug them around their necks.

I was holding Lottie and couldn't read or do much of
anything except look out the window and think.
In my head I recited the Articles of Faith
{couldn't remember #6} a few times.
Then I sang 'All about your Heart" song a million times over and over again.
Then I started to cry.
Boy, I have come a long way.

Miraculously, the plane landed and I was greeted with
lots of love- and then screaming in the car.
I was back.

Now we are staying with family(Mr. Nielson's brother and family}
here in Laguna Beach.
Such a fun place to spend a few days before I am back in LA doing more book tour
interviews and such. We are officially ending this marathon trip this weekend.
Whew! I am tired.