Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How I look at you...

{me and Lottie}

Thank you to all who responded so kindly through e-mail
about my post yesterday.
I also got some not so nice e-mails from people telling me to buck up and accept
that this is my life and I look different so naturally people are going to
question that, and its not that big of a deal.
To you, all I can say, is that is hurts and I am learning to be patient with myself
and others so can rise above it.
And I know I can because I know I am loved and accepted
just the way I am. But it is still hard.

Many have asked me what they should tell their children who would
have in the same situation reacted in a similar way.
I don't want to answer what you should do, or how to teach your
children about how they should act in certain circumstances
because all children are different.

Mr. Nielson and I teach our children that staring,
pointing or commenting loudly about someone
different is hurtful and rude. They know this because when they do it to
others, I tell them how it makes me feel when people do it to me.
They don't do it much anymore.
Plus, they have seen and heard some very hurtful comments from other
children about me in front of them.
It makes my children emotional when they tell me how that
makes them feel, and in turn, that hurts me.

When- lets call him "Bob"- said to me that he wanted to
"educate" his daughter about why I looked the way I did,
it made me feel like a science project.
When I see someone different or struggling
I usually just want to go up to them and tell them that they are awesome.
That's it.
And that is what I am teaching my children.
That is my take on that-
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