Thursday, June 07, 2012

The day we blessed Charlotte, Part 3

Charlotte's birth celebration was held in our backyard Sunday afternoon.
My family and best friends came to support.
It was such a happy day.
Here are the photos to prove it:


I had guests write Charlotte love notes on darling note pads from Pinhole Press.
Also gumballs were put in these fun bags with Charlotte's birth date.

{Claire and Lottie}

Cool, darling, and slightly creepy Charlotte masks.

{Is that Boss Nielson?}

{Mr. Nielson and his mother St. Mary....Cute K. Van Buren}

{sisters Cjane, and Lucy....and Dr. J!!}

{Nie holding the baby of the hour...Lottie!}

{Lucy and Andrew ...Siblings Clark, Emma, and Seth}

Thanks so much to Megan- the Sweet Tooth Fairy
for the delicious cakes, cookies and cakebites! YUM!

{Cute Megan- Sweet Tooth Fairy}
Photo's by this guy- Justin Hackworth...thanks man!