Friday, June 08, 2012

The day Charlotte pooped on Glenn Beck

{Charlotte sits in Mr. Becks office in Dallas. She's pretty much taking over}

Today I sit down with Mr. Nielson and chat with Glenn Beck.
That interview will be today on GBTV 4-5 pm central time.

I had a wonderful visit in Dallas (where GBTV is)
Ya'll are really friendly and kind.

Glenn has a lion's head in his office.

Once Glenn held Lottie and mugged on her and told me
how beautiful he thought she was, and then she pooped.
A lot.
And Glenn told me that Charlotte was making "play dough"
and he kept holding her.
It was pretty cute.

I am in St. Louis with my parents and Cjane and her family.
Taking a few days off from anything sounds nice.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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