Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art and a video

My dear friend Sarah Jane {who is one of the most creative people I know}
sent me some new adorable paintings she made.
They make me happy and when I look at them,
they make me feel peaceful and calm.

This one and this one go in the girls room.

This one is in the boys room.

{PS..Hulk is a child of God too...see above photo- you follow?}

Sarah Jane's store here.

Also speaking of art, remember Steven Waggoner?
Creator of NieNies Wee-Nies?
If you want to see some beautiful art, come to Provo (BYU)
and check out Steven's new project, which was inspired by his amazing
trip to the Middle East.
Information HERE

I was browsing some old photos and videos on my computer,
and came across this video of me and Mr. Nielson
speaking at the Maricopa Heath Foundation annual gala.
It was my first public speaking experience after my accident.
I was honored to speak to the doctors, nurses and therapists who helped me get get better.

If you are interested in donating to the Health foundation go here.

PS. check out how the boys make their bed in the morning: