Monday, May 14, 2012

Twitter posts- favorites

My family and I just returned from a lovely time in NYC.
I have so much laundry to do-whew.

Some of my favorite tweets of last week:

Aylabadayla 8:01am via Twitter for iPhone

Hoping to read more of @nieniedialogues "heaven is here" today. It really has made an impact on me. #bawling

designmom 8:35am via HootSuite

Raise your hand if you devoured @nieniedialogues excellent book! (Me too!)

kristyglass May 10, 3:40pm via Instagram

Working on my quilt watching @nieniedialogues on today show. When Natalie said "5 children" I bawled.

brookeintern May 10, 10:52am via Twitter for Mac

Last full day in SLC! Spending it feeling sleepy cause I stayed up until 5 am reading @nieniedialogues new book. I absolutely loved it.

carlivia May 10, 8:24am via Web

@nieniedialogues You are a beautiful lady, inside and out, &remind me to live in each moment with gratitude for faith and family. Thank you!

KimberleyGrenie May 11, 9:07pm via Web

@nieniedialogues I've seen your story today on @anderson and it was very moving, your a beautiful young mother kids are lucky to have you :)

everead May 11, 3:32pm via Web

@nieniedialogues NYT Bestseller Heaven is Here… reviewed on Everead. It's a good one!

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And, thank you for a nice article written by The Salt Lake Trib here and another here.

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