Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Random thoughts on my husband

Its that time of year- outside dining. I love it.
This evening I made salmon with vegetables and dessert:
Chocolate chip scones.
My only dismay with making salmon,
is that it makes the children smell like little seaside fishmongers.
{especially their fingers...}
But no biggie, they shower right after dinner and are in bed.

Many many years ago, when Mr. Nielson and I were first married,
we used to put our babies to bed and then stay up late watching something
on TV and devour bowls of mini-wheat's.
I never thought life could get any better.

Those were good days.

These days are wonderful too.
Different, but wonderful.
Since having Lottie, we stay up late with her and watch "How it's Made"
or something awesome like that.
We still eat cereal and sometimes I nurse Charlotte
and Mr. Nielson feeds me.

Have I ever told you when Mr. Nielson and I watched the Super Bowl,
and a certain commercial came on (about dodge rams even) we both cried.
I feel like I've know Mr. Nielson forever and we are 100 years old.

{Photo by Justin Hackworth}

Did you know he can pick up Charlotte when she is fussy,
and he does this thing with his arms and holds her in a certain way and she
is silent. Its weird, and even before my arms were burned I couldn't
duplicate this special grip.

{Photos by Justin Hackworth}

Or sleep like that....

with his hand like that...nice.