Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My own rules

{she needs me most, and just me.}

I feel like I have been on the go go go a lot lately.
I have been distracted and unavailable for what I love most.
I have laid a few ground rules for myself.
I told my children and Mr. Nielson to help me enforce these plans.

They are as follows:

NO texting, talking, instagraming, playing with or touching my phone while nursing.
NO computer work from the hours of 3:30 (when the children come home) to bedtime.

NO work after 10:00. That is the time I want to spend with Mr. Nielson

I will start there and see how I do.
I believe this will make me happier and more focused
on what is most important to me...
(family, children, husband, looking out the window and
feeling grateful, cooking and praying etc...}

I am starting now.

**Tomorrow I will re-cap The Anderson Cooper show**