Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day video treat/Information

{photos by Justin Hackworth}

Today the Nie family will on:

The whole Nie family on Anderson Cooper Friday afternoon
When it's on: here.
BTW: Absolutely Shocked and sooooo excited!!!
Check it out here.

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Tonight look for an interview with Inside Edition
Check out the TODAY show segment the Nie family was on yesterday
As my 3rd post-accident Mother's Day comes up, I am forever
thankful, grateful, honored, and proud to be among the amazing
women who call themselves mothers.
I am still here on earth doing what I love and what I love is being
a woman, wife and MOTHER.
Sometimes I lay in bed at night after my children are all tucked in
and in dreamland, and I think about them.
I cry for them, I cry happy tears. I am so lucky to be here.
I am so lucky to have them.

This year has been especially beautiful and special.
I have added to my family.
A beautiful, healthy, strong little girl.
A new life has been created for our family.
An amazing little life and spirit grew inside my body-
MY body. The body that has been through so much.
So much pain, trouble, weakness, and disappointment.
It has seen better days, and will continue too.
This body of mine has given life, again.

My cousin and amazing photographer Jed made this
beautiful video that captures exactly how I feel about motherhood,
womanhood, and my newest beautiful baby girl


Happy Mothers Day to you all!!

{Special thanks to the music man-Scott Wiley
and sung by Ryan Tanner
on the most beautiful lullaby album ever!!}