Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dinner outside and a puppet show

Tonight the Nielson home was honored to spend good conversation and dinner with the Godparents. Andrew and Reachel and their beautiful children.
It was just like old times.

{Levi and Nicholas}

{Mr. Nielson, Andrew, Reachel, and Lottie}

{Jane, Claire, Nicholas, and Coco}

{Beautiful Coco, Mr. Nielson with Andrew}

{Reachel, Coco, and Lottie on the blanket}
{Puppet show entitled: "The Charlotte 3"}
Then Clane preformed a puppet show for us staring
large over sized photos of Charlotte.
It was awesome.
They announced before the show that everything they used to
create the puppet show was recyclable. Whew, I was so worried.

It was a perfect way to spend the evening with a few of our favorite people.