Thursday, May 17, 2012

Anderson Cooper recap

Anderson Cooper is a gentleman.
He is kind and genuine.
I was honored to be a guest on his show.
He took such good care of my family and I met his mother,
THE Gloria Vanderbilt.
It was a treat.
We discussed motherhood, my accident, trials, my book
and getting in a swimming suit again.

Before my family went on stage, Anderson came into the green room and
met all of us. He shook my children's hands and talked to them
like "good 'ol uncle Anderson".
They discussed Iron Man and the wonders of New York City.

{{As a side note, I sort of had a crush on Anderson growing up,
so it was a treat to meet him}}

{Thanks to my publisher Christine for kicking it with the children while we worked in NYC}

***BIG NEWS!!***
The wonderful Russian Olive whiffed into my soul today.
I smell it and it makes me so happy.
It reminds me of good days, happy memories, summertime, and feeling safe.
Tonight Mr. Nielson and I will doze off to dreamland with our
windows wide open.
This is one of my favorite times in Utah.